The digital marketing strategy was once thought of as an add-on to a company’s marketing efforts. Now it’s perhaps the most effective part of reaching customers and growing your brand. 

In fact, throughout the pandemic, it was one of the only industries to post double-digit gains. You can make it work for you, but you have to be aware when something’s not working. Here are the telltale signs.

1. No Leads

The most obvious sign that your digital marketing isn’t working is that you aren’t getting any leads. Zero, nada, zilch. 

This can happen for a few different reasons. Perhaps there’s a technical issue with your site, such as slow load times. 

Maybe the messaging isn’t landing for the people you’re targeting. Or, it’s possible that you’re targeting the wrong people. 

If the leads aren’t coming in, you’ll need to do a full-scale diagnostic to see where the breakdown is occurring. Then, you can respond in kind. Be prepared to experiment! 

2. Poor Leads

Another failure sign for a digital marketing campaign is that you’re getting leads but not the right kind. This can happen to businesses working within a large industry.

Example: you’re selling a product but the leads that are coming your way are people looking for a service in your field. It’s possible a few of them will take a chance, but most are going to leave your site and look for their initial need.

3. Spam Traffic

One of the digital marketing methods people still try is the buying of web traffic or Likes and Follows on their social media profiles. While the practice might get you noticed by algorithms, it won’t be good for much if you don’t have the right platform, product, or service.

What it will do is attract a number of spammers. Spammers, at best, are people who want to profit off you in some way without creating any real value. At worst, they are malicious actors simply looking to cause havoc on your site.

4. No One Is Clicking Your Ads

No digital marketing plan can be successful if people aren’t clicking your ads. This is usually indicative of a content problem. The content of your advertising just isn’t hitting the mark. 

In these cases, you’ll want to go back to basics and make sure you’re selling the benefits instead of the features. That is, how your product will improve your customer’s lives, not just a list of the bells and whistles.

5. You Are Losing Your Base

Do a deep dive into your digital marketing analytics, and you will see where your traffic is originating. You’ll also be able to see where it’s going if the numbers are dropping off.

Losing your base is a critical sign that you’re going downhill. These are the people who’ve stuck with your site through thick and thin, and now they’re saying no more.

One tip we recommend is to show your existing customers appreciation in some way. This can take the form of a freebie, a discount, or the ability to try a new feature or product before it releases to the public.

Adopt a Digital Marketing Strategy That Works

Your digital marketing strategy can be a huge asset if you’re targeting the right keywords, leading with the right offers, and showing appreciation for your existing customers. If these things are not occurring, it’s time to reevaluate. 

Best of luck as you plow ahead. Use the telltale signs above to avoid the worst and grow your brand. For more digital marketing tips, check out some of our additional posts!

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